Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever, believes there has been more change in the industry in the last five years than in the 25 years prior. He says that marketers need to catch up, be ready to compete in “clear water” and with sensible metrics.

Weed questioned how the industry has got to the stage of people checking whether half a pixel of video for two seconds counts as a view, when family members, friends and non-industry folk would disagree.

He said that the metrics used to measure campaigns need to change, as the marketing industry needs to “stop marking its own homework and own up to the sensible metrics.”

“Everyone in the industry needs to keep up with changes in order to compete like crazy in clear waters, rather than all bumping in to each other not knowing what is going on,” he said.

In order to get to this stage he says that marketers must consider the three V’s:

  1. Viewability
  2. Verification
  3. Value

Watch the video to find out more on viewability, verification and value, and what marketers can learn from Twitter and Facebook.


This article was originally published in Marketing Week's Project Reconnect column. You can find the article here.


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