2016 was a year to forget for many brands. Accounting and emission scandals, food safety crises and almost weekly data leaks… Marketing is rarely the principle cause for brand debacles even if persistently dubious claims and misleading ads (as well as endemic transparency issues and ad fraud!!) suggest all is not well in our industry.

#brandfail @WFAReconnect sought to identify brands’ most calamitous disasters in 2016, identify what went wrong and explore cases where marketing has helped brands bounce back and restore trust.

It also examined how marketers’ rush to stay on top of new technologies is undermining brands’ ability to put people first… and how a collective failure to focus on customer-centricity is having an adverse impact on people’s perception of the marketing profession.

You can find the full agenda here. A shorter version of the video can be viewed here.


For more information on what transpired during Global Marketer Week 2017 in Toronto, visit www.wfanet.org/toronto.