We have all found ads at some point to be annoying, even intrusive.
Worse, advertising is often blamed for some of society’s most intractable problems.
Some like to point the finger at marketers for online privacy issues, childhood obesity, alcohol misuse, financial debt and for promoting unsustainable behaviours.
Project Reconnect is WFA’s effort to develop a better understanding of what people want and expect from brands. This requires listening, dialogue and change.
Project Reconnect seeks to do three things:
1. Inspire marketers with great brand stories. What does it take to be a great brand marketer in the digital age? What do the best brand stories have in common?  
2. Help marketers make the case for change. Provide marketers with the tools they need to persuade internal management that meaningful and valued relationships with customers deliver sustainable bottom line growth.
3. Help marketers deliver the right organisational set-up. On the basis of peer-to-peer exchange, learn how senior marketers have succeeded and failed in fostering the right internal and agency set up to enable great work to flourish. 


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